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How Does It Increase Your Energy?

When you drink water, especially bottled and tap water, your body has to use a tremendous amount of energy to make the water you ingest usable to benefit your body’s natural healing processes. Unfortunately all too often the water we’re exposed to is so contaminated with toxins such as chlorine, radiation and fluoride, we waste a tremendous amount of energy trying to process and eliminate all the substances that are altering the molecular makeup of the building block to our very existence – water. That’s wasted energy.

structured water increases your family’s energy

Structured Water Can Increase
Your Energy

With structured water, your body doesn’t need to expend that energy. The water is already in an easily absorbed and perfect natural state. The benefit?  Your body can use that excess energy that used to be wasted on fighting what enters your body to transform your body to ultimate health.

Another way structured water can energize you is through hydration. Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration. Your water isn’t hydrating you properly because the water you’re currently drinking can’t penetrate your cell membranes. Unlike bottled or tap water, structured water has the lower surface tension of 43 dynes that allows it to flow into your cells, allowing for increased hydration, which will help you to eliminate fatigue and increase your energy.