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Laboratory Analysis of Structured Water and Tap Water



Using Clayton M. Nolte’s Coherent Structured Water Unit Manufactured by Natural Action Technologies, Inc.

Not only biologically, but also in technical terms, there are very clear results that the quality of the water has increased after treatment with the Nolte Coherent Structured Water Unit from the company ARLIS HISPANIA S.L.   The crystallization process has had extensive restructuring in which the bioavailability of the water has been significantly improved.


Structured Water (Magnified 400x)

SW Hagalis_Lab_Test2

Neutral Sample (Tap Water)
Bottighofen, Germany (Magnified 400x)








Therefore, the sample has acheived a water quality level that is normally only to be found in high quality, natural spring water.  In comparison with the neutral sample, or other comparable tap water, it definitely shows a considerable improvement in quality.

The sample was evaluated with the grade of 1.8 and the result was Good with a tendency to Very Good.  This demonstrates a very clear advantage for the consumer when using this device.

In order to elaborate on the medical effects and provide a more specific conclusion, a blood crystal analysis must be made to provide more details.  Unfortunately, this is beyond the scope of this investigation.

Bottighofen, March 20, 2012

A. Schulz – Head of Research