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Amazing Results of Structured Water for Commercial Grower

Field tests conducted on the alfalfa farm of Walter Doke in Pritchett, Colorado clearly show the dramatic, beneficial effect of irrigating with structured water.  Mr. Doke reports an approximate 50% decrease in water used (alternate nozzles were turned off in the irrigation line) yet a dramatically higher yield.  He also reports elimination of fertilizer and pesticide due the robust health of the plants.

Structured Water Blood Test

While there are thousands of testimonials on improved health from drinking structured water, in this laboratory video we can actually see the beneficial effect that structured water has on human blood.  Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington has done extensive research on structured water and cell biology and is conducting further research on the benefits of structured water for human health.

Structured Water webinar invitation

Structured water unit pure water systems create naturally occurring crystalline structures in ordinary tap water by vortexing or spinning the water in opposite directions simutaneously. Health benefits include; better hydration, neutralizing toxins in water, detoxing the body, reducing pain, stress levels and increasing general energy levels.

Well And Ground Water – Natural Water From The Earth?

Fifteen percent of Americans use wells, artificial reservoirs and springs as their main source of drinking water. Currently, no regulatory agencies or experts are overseeing the quality and source of this water before it is pumped through the pipes and into your home.  Although often unaware of it or unwilling to be accountable, the well owner is responsible for ensuring the well is built properly and the water’s contaminant level is at an acceptable degree.

One-half of our countries drinking water comes from ground water, which is an accumulation of rain, melting snow and waste water run-off.  This water is used for public drinking systems.  Ground water always contains contaminants and natural impurities. The effects of pollution on this rain and melting snow further contaminate this water supply.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) some of these “natural contaminants” include chlorides, arsenic, boron and radon – a gas formed by the breakdown of radioactive uranium.  Ground and well water is also littered with byproducts of human activity and can contain fertilizers, animal manures, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides.

Another deadly contaminant is Fluorosilicic acid. This is a waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry and contains toxins such as arsenic, lead and radioactive materials. According to Dr. J. William Hirzy, EPA scientist,  If the stuff gets out into the air, it’s a pollutant; if it gets into the river, it’s a pollutant, if it gets into a lake, it’s a pollutant; but if it goes right straight into your drinking water system, it’s not a pollutant. That’s amazing!

In particular concern to those who use well water, one must also consider poorly built and closely located septic systems, the leaking of abandoned underwater pipes and structures, storm water drains that leak chemicals and the chemical spills and waste from local industrial sites.

The EPA confirms that all 50 states have been found to have ground water contamination.

You must protect yourself from these contaminants – your life depends on it.

The Importance of Hydrating While Traveling

It’s important to stay hydrated when traveling, but it’s not easy. Two major obstacles are airplane travel and hotels.

You can’t carry liquids with you on airplanes and purchasing water in airports can be very expensive.  Airplanes are notorious for dehydrating its passengers. These pressure controlled fuselages contain very little humidity, usually 20-30% as opposed to the recommended humidity level of up to 65%.

You may notice dry skin, scratchy eyes, discomfort and fatigue. What you won’t notice, at first, is the ability of viruses to attack you in low humidity environments.  Low humidity can cause an increase of repertory viruses because of a decrease of hydration in the mucus membranes in your airways. When not properly hydrated, these membranes can’t do their job which is to trap the germs trying to enter your body.  These germs can come from various sources. Passengers, seat pockets, tray tables and the meals themselves.

So simply ask for water, right? That usually isn’t the best option. According to Budget Travel, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tested 327 aircraft and some of the water actually tested positive for E.coli! And this contaminated water is also used to brew the coffee and tea at temperatures not high enough to kill these deadly bacteria. And what if the supply of bottled water runs out? The stewards simply get you water from the tanks that are dirty and often filled at foreign airports with little or no water quality regulations.

So you made it out of the airport, possibly unscathed, and it’s time to relax in your hotel room. The problem is, you’re entering another controlled environment and it’s not controlled by you. Humidity levels can also be low in hotel rooms so you’re more susceptible to the germs and viruses that circulate around the hotel. Tap water is questionable and the $5.00, 8 ounce bottles of water are out of the question. What you need is a safe and reliable source of water. Something readily available throughout every phase of your trip – airplanes, hotel rooms, driving and outdoor activities such as sightseeing.

How Does It Increase Your Energy?

When you drink water, especially bottled and tap water, your body has to use a tremendous amount of energy to make the water you ingest usable to benefit your body’s natural healing processes. Unfortunately all too often the water we’re exposed to is so contaminated with toxins such as chlorine, radiation and fluoride, we waste a tremendous amount of energy trying to process and eliminate all the substances that are altering the molecular makeup of the building block to our very existence – water. That’s wasted energy.

structured water increases your family’s energy

Structured Water Can Increase
Your Energy

With structured water, your body doesn’t need to expend that energy. The water is already in an easily absorbed and perfect natural state. The benefit?  Your body can use that excess energy that used to be wasted on fighting what enters your body to transform your body to ultimate health.

Another way structured water can energize you is through hydration. Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration. Your water isn’t hydrating you properly because the water you’re currently drinking can’t penetrate your cell membranes. Unlike bottled or tap water, structured water has the lower surface tension of 43 dynes that allows it to flow into your cells, allowing for increased hydration, which will help you to eliminate fatigue and increase your energy.


Who Needs Structured Water?

Who needs structured water? Since water is the sustainer of life, everybody and every living thing can benefit from structured water; people, plants and animals.


Structured water is essential in helping you to properly hydrate, increase your energy level, detoxify, decrease inflammation, maximize pineal gland function and improve your mood and appearance.


You’ll save money while your garden thrives. Since structured water is more dense than your current water supply, you’ll use less water and fertilizer, the soil will improve and your plants will flourish.


Your livestock and pets will also experience health benefits from structured water. Allergen, skin irritations, inflammation and a variety of medical conditions will ease. Behavior problems will subside while your animals develop physical strength and stunning beauty.