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Abundant Garden & Veggies

Growing super-healthy vegetables is a fascinating project with structured water.  Here is the picture of tomatoes grown with structured water and what Mr. Laphon Puyo, from France, had to say about it.

“I am retired close to the city of Pau, in France, and let me inform you about the results I have thanks to Natural Action Structured Water. The pictures I send you are proving the results I had in my garden. Baths feel better, pH is stabilized to 7, I don’t have to use pH reducer anymore.?  And these tomatoes are out of this world! The one in the top picture is over 2 lbs (1kg) all by itself!”

– Pau in France

These pictures were taken in Mr. Puyo’s  garden where his amazing tomatoes are watered with Natural Action Technologies structured water.

structured water grows abundant gardens and vegetables

You Won’t Believe the Difference in your Garden When Using Structured Water


Also, because structured water has less surface tension, it can penetrate the ground more quickly.  Monitoring exactly how your plants are responding to this new type of water will give you the best results.

If you use pesticides or fungicides, or you are not sure that the vegetables you have bought are organic, use structured water with a few drops of castile soap to wash your vegetables before serving them.  This will make sure you have the safest food possible because structured water can neutralize some toxins that may be missed in the washing process.

“Thank you so much for giving me some of the DE Structured water the other day. I drank the water and gave my indoor plants a little drink too. About 3 days later I noticed that the leaves had turned a dark vibrant green. Not only had the leaves  changed color, but the texture of the leaves  had changed as well. The best way I can describe is that they had become turgid; somewhat like a crisp carrot. I knew the plants would benefit from the structured water, however, I was astounded to see these dramatic results in such a short period of time. If this is what the structured water can do for plants, I can only imagine what it can do for me! Naturally I couldn’t wait to purchase one. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Seeing is believing.”


All of these benefits can be realized when using structured water for your garden or farm:

–          Improved ability of plants to withstand lower freezing temperatures

–          Healthier landscape – greener lawns, more vibrant trees and shrubs

–          Improved growth of crops with increased biomass (20% to 40%)

–          Healthier household plants.

–          Cut flowers last longer.

–          Reduces the amount of water required by up to 50%.

Diseased Water at Home

According to the Yale School of Medicine, the kitchen is the dirtiest room in your house. So what’s on your kitchen faucet and sink? Much more than you can see.  Your kitchen is a germ hot spot. These surfaces are covered with viruses and bacteria that can cause colds, flu and food borne illnesses. All too often these deadly germs can’t simply be wiped away, since they’re lodged within the hardware of your faucet and pipes.

Contaminated household water in your kitchen

Your Kitchen Is A Germ Hot Spot

That doesn’t mean bottled and filtered water is a safer substitute – it isn’t. Bottled water is not safe to drink. In fact, it’s less regulated than your municipal water supply. It contains the same carcinogens and impurities as tap water. Filtered water further removes water from its natural source, is not adequate in filtering carcinogens and the filtration process eliminates the negative energy that should be present in your water to enhance your life.

The Health Benefits of Structured Water

The water you drink, shower and cook with can be the single most important health decision you make.  Making the right decision by implementing structured water into your life will bring about a myriad of health benefits. Some of the most common are:

  • • Increased energy

  • • Instant “real” hydration

  • • Eases arthritis and inflammation pain.

  • • The distribution of oxygen to every cell of your body

  • • It’s grounding – helping you reconnect to the earth

  • • Improves your immune system

  • • Allows you to more efficiently absorb nutrients

  • • It creates a shield blocking other toxins from entering your body, both physical and emotional toxins. This emotional shield helps you to expand your consciousness leading to emotional health and harmony

  • • Eliminates calcium build-up on glands such as the Pineal gland.

  • • Economic considerations.  Structured water is more dense than unstructured water. You’ll use less water.

  • • If you’re a gardener or farmer you won’t believe the difference structured water can make. Your plants will be healthy and thrive.

Household Uses

Your entire household will benefit from using structured water in so many different ways.

How can your family benefit?

You save money! Structured water is more dense than tap water so you use less of it.

It improves your health. Hydration is necessary for health and we are chronically dehydrated.  Structured water hydrates at the cellular level, allowing you to achieve “real” hydration. You also won’t be exposed to the deadly toxins that are currently in our water supply, compromising your immune system and your health.

This is a picture of Mr. Laphon Puyo’s amazing tomatoes, which were fed with structured water.

He writes: “I am retired close to the city of Pau in France, and let me inform you about the results I have thanks to Structured Water. The pictures I send you are proving the results I had in my garden.”

“I was already elated about having the whole house unit installed because of the wonderful pure water taste, and feel… when taking a bath or shampooing hair.  Also, it was a good thing to be able to disconnect from the reverse osmosis equipment and the soft water system that I had before, because there is no need for them now.  My structured water unit also flows into the pipes that supply the water to the plants and garden area around my house, and you should see the crop of fruit that it is producing this spring…pomegranates double in size, lemons almost as large as grapefruit, and the best tasting grapefruit and oranges ever.  Also, the fig tree is full of lively, new growth and figs; the roses are fantastic, and the scent around my house is out of this world. The same structured water also flows through my pool, and the water looks and feels so silky.  You need to come for a visit so you can experience this in person.”

Lil in Arizona-

You’ll love the way you look and feel. Not only will you be more energized, you’ll be amazed at how clean and soft your laundry is, how hydrating your showers are and how soft your hair and skin is.

I got my unit in this week. LOVE IT!!! The water is lighter and softer…even kind of effervescent! I use less soap in washing machine, dishwasher and in the bathroom. I also already notice a change within me…my skin is looking better…dark spots are lightening up, and it’s only been 4 days! I just can’t thank you enough, Clayton, for your inspired work. The plumber asked about becoming a distributor….do you have that set up?

Many blessings and many thank you’s,

– Dot Schaefer in Montgomery

And wait until you see your garden!  It’s been scientifically proven that when any plant is exposed to structure water it thrives. Your flowers are brighter, your vegetables are larger and nasty pests will scamper. And even though you’re watering less, and using less fertilizer, your garden will be more nutrient dense. Here’s a example of what structured water can do for your garden,

This is a picture of Mr. Laphon Puyo’s amazing tomatoes, which were fed with structured  water.

He writes: I am retired close to the city of Pau in France, and let me inform you about the results I have thanks to Structured Water. The pictures I send you are proving the results I had in my garden.