How Does Structuring Water Affect Purity and pH?

Farmers and ranchers have long known of the positive effects of rainwater on their fields. Structured water is one of nature’s greatest miracles of natural cleansing and regeneration. It is one of the most pure water system available.

It creates the same revitalizing effect the earth’s atmosphere has on rainwater. When it rains, some of the molecules of water (H2O) are changed into natural peroxide (H2O2), hydronium (H3O) and ozone (O3). Peroxide is water with an extra oxygen atom attached to it. Hydronium is water that has an extra hydrogen atom attached to it and ozone is an oxygen molecule with an extra oxygen atom attached to it.

Although rarely discussed in the general or scientific literature, it is the presence of “hydrogen,” that is the real determinant of cellular pH, also known as the acid/alkaline balance, a vital component in the health of all plants, animals and people everywhere on the earth. In addition, the extra supply of hydrogen ions attract vital, life-restoring and life-sustaining energy and information from the natural environment, with the bulk water (H2O) acting, in effect, like a “carrier wave.”

Ozone is one of nature’s greatest cleansers and sanitizers that de-activates bacteria and viruses 3125 times faster and 50% more efficiently than chlorine. This allows for the control of common bacteria like E. coli, as well as fecal coliforms, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew and cysts. Unlike chlorine, however, which produces trihalomethane (a toxic chemical by-product), ozone is not carcinogenic. In fact, it is extremely beneficial.

While ozone cleanses structured water, the crystalline structures formed in structured water act as “exclusionary zones” for even the smallest molecules of contaminants like chlorine and fluoride.  Since these larger contaminant molecules are excluded from the structured water that easily passes through cellular membranes, these contaminants can be eliminated from the body in the bulk water that is not structured.

Below are photographs of structured water crystallization and unstructured tap water.

SW Hagalis_Lab_Test1

Below is a photograph of contaminants including bacteria and several toxins, being excluded from structured water in the laboratory experiment of Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington Medical School.  Structured water is identified in this photograph as “Fourth Phase Water”.  See the entire video of this experiment on this blog at


Water is the very substance of life and oxygen is its breath. As stated above, oxygen-rich, life-giving rainwater is loaded with natural ozone and peroxide that are both found in the chlorophyll of plant greens you eat. Water in this form oxygenates and revitalizes your plants as well as your body.

Human impact on the soil has increased across the globe. In the course of trying to provide a favorable environment for life, people everywhere have manipulated nature resulting instead in serious damage to the entire ecosystem. Structured water helps to reverse these negative effects by providing more available life-enhancing water and nutrients in plants which results in far higher nutrient density and much greater crop yields.

Fresh, clean, healthy water is our most precious natural resource.