How Does Structuring Water Affect Purity and pH?

Farmers and ranchers have long known of the positive effects of rainwater on their fields. Structured water is one of nature’s greatest miracles of natural cleansing and regeneration. It is one of the most pure water system available.

It creates the same revitalizing effect the earth’s atmosphere has on rainwater. When it rains, some of the molecules of water (H2O) are changed into natural peroxide (H2O2), hydronium (H3O) and ozone (O3). Peroxide is water with an extra oxygen atom attached to it. Hydronium is water that has an extra hydrogen atom attached to it and ozone is an oxygen molecule with an extra oxygen atom attached to it.

Although rarely discussed in the general or scientific literature, it is the presence of “hydrogen,” that is the real determinant of cellular pH, also known as the acid/alkaline balance, a vital component in the health of all plants, animals and people everywhere on the earth. In addition, the extra supply of hydrogen ions attract vital, life-restoring and life-sustaining energy and information from the natural environment, with the bulk water (H2O) acting, in effect, like a “carrier wave.”

Ozone is one of nature’s greatest cleansers and sanitizers that de-activates bacteria and viruses 3125 times faster and 50% more efficiently than chlorine. This allows for the control of common bacteria like E. coli, as well as fecal coliforms, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew and cysts. Unlike chlorine, however, which produces trihalomethane (a toxic chemical by-product), ozone is not carcinogenic. In fact, it is extremely beneficial.

While ozone cleanses structured water, the crystalline structures formed in structured water act as “exclusionary zones” for even the smallest molecules of contaminants like chlorine and fluoride.  Since these larger contaminant molecules are excluded from the structured water that easily passes through cellular membranes, these contaminants can be eliminated from the body in the bulk water that is not structured.

Below are photographs of structured water crystallization and unstructured tap water.

SW Hagalis_Lab_Test1

Below is a photograph of contaminants including bacteria and several toxins, being excluded from structured water in the laboratory experiment of Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington Medical School.  Structured water is identified in this photograph as “Fourth Phase Water”.  See the entire video of this experiment on this blog at


Water is the very substance of life and oxygen is its breath. As stated above, oxygen-rich, life-giving rainwater is loaded with natural ozone and peroxide that are both found in the chlorophyll of plant greens you eat. Water in this form oxygenates and revitalizes your plants as well as your body.

Human impact on the soil has increased across the globe. In the course of trying to provide a favorable environment for life, people everywhere have manipulated nature resulting instead in serious damage to the entire ecosystem. Structured water helps to reverse these negative effects by providing more available life-enhancing water and nutrients in plants which results in far higher nutrient density and much greater crop yields.

Fresh, clean, healthy water is our most precious natural resource.


Amazing Results of Structured Water for Commercial Grower

Field tests conducted on the alfalfa farm of Walter Doke in Pritchett, Colorado clearly show the dramatic, beneficial effect of irrigating with structured water.  Mr. Doke reports an approximate 50% decrease in water used (alternate nozzles were turned off in the irrigation line) yet a dramatically higher yield.  He also reports elimination of fertilizer and pesticide due the robust health of the plants.

Structured Water Blood Test

While there are thousands of testimonials on improved health from drinking structured water, in this laboratory video we can actually see the beneficial effect that structured water has on human blood.  Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington has done extensive research on structured water and cell biology and is conducting further research on the benefits of structured water for human health.

Structured Water Field Results – up to 336% Yield Increase

These are some of the first controlled field tests of structured water on commercial crops and animals.  The results are phenomenal – up to 336% yield increase for some crops and dramatic yield increases for all crops.  Laboratory and field tests have shown a 63% increase in bio-availability of water overall, meaning commercial growers can cut their water bills in half.


bean results

Green beans at 24 days. Left Control, right Structured Water

bean results 1st

100% Yield Increase, Better Flavor and Texture with Structured Water

bean results 3rd

336% Yield Increase, Better Flavor and Texture with Structured Water

radish results

57% Yield Increase – Well Water left, Structured Water right


wheat results

Wheat Sprout Test
Well Water left, Structured Water right

corn results

Corn Sprout Test
Well Water left, Structured Water right

poultry results

Well water left, Structured Water right. Of 10,600 chicks raised in identical conditions of food, medicine, temperature and environment, the chicks raised on Structured Water grew 10% faster and were ready for market in 36 days. They were calmer, more alert and had smoother, fuller feathers. Chicks raised on well water were ready for market in 40 days.

First video of structured water research

Dr. Gerald Pollack, leading water researcher in the world, is seeking funding for his research to determine the human health benefits of structured water.  Take a look at his video presentation demonstrating the basic science of structured water, what he refers to as “exclusion zone” or “EZ” water.  A fascinating earliest peek into the future of water purification.

Comparisons With Other Processes


Charles Betterton and Brydon Bigcharles

Current water treatment systems go to extremes, like distillation, to create absolutely pure water; they take all beneficial minerals out of the water and this includes many bottled water products. Drinking nothing but distilled water may be leaching some essential minerals from our bodies; distilled is considered ‘dead’ water. Most modern water distilleries were designed long before anything of structure of water was considered important and produced pure but energetically ‘dead’ water.

Not only can complex filter systems remove most everything from water, they also remove water’s aliveness, leaving one with essentially ‘dead’ water.


Reverse Osmosis (R/O) is very popular today but R/O removes all beneficial minerals from the water, plus it wastes three out of four gallons of water in the process. The most prevalent of present systems pushes water through micro-porous membranes; meshed sufficiently fine to prevent the passage of most dissolved solids. This removes approximately 50% of the salt as well as other solids with each pass. R/O processes water for small water units placed outside grocery stores as well as the domestic water supply for small metropolitan communities. The wastewater from R/O units in some places is so concentrated with salts and other minerals that it become a threat to the good bacteria in septic systems.

One of the major disadvantages of reverse osmosis is the large amount of brine discharge that, in some cases, will have deleterious effects on enclosed bays, sometimes experiencing fish mortality. A second, subtler negative effect of R/O is the demineralization of water for human and animal consumption. This water becomes known as ‘hungry water’, with initial benefits of cleansing the body of unwanted toxins. However, prolonged use can demineralize the body, weakening the immune system.


This process evaporates the water and then recondenses it, leaving behind the dissolved solids. This process can be less costly as it is not necessary to shut down the processing plant occasionally, as with R/O for reconditioning. Distillation can refine the water to as little as 10 mg/l dissolved solids, compared with R/O’s 50% reduction per pass. The same problem of brine water, which must be drained or hauled off, exists with flash distillation. Another disadvantage is that volatiles, such as methane and chlorine, are transferred into the processed water.


Electrodialysis, like reverse osmosis, also employs a screen, but in this case electrical energy is utilized. The electrodialysis process lets the salt through and keeps the water back. This is the opposite of reverse osmosis.


This process involves the use of resins that carry either a positive or negative charge. These draw the elements to them and remove them from the water. They are easy to install and inexpensive for small manufacturing or laboratory use. A major drawback for high volume use is they must be recharged either by washing the resins with acid or exchanging them after as little as a thousand gallons.


Some cat-ions will easily exchange with other ions under certain conditions. An example of this would be a soft water tank which uses sodium saturated salts to exchange sodium for calcium and magnesium. This system is valuable where corrosion in pipes and calcium build up on enamels, such as household appliances and swimming pools, is of concern. As the chief deleterious element in seawater and brackish water is sodium, this only increases salt problems for human consumption or agriculture. In our showers it is feeding these salts to the largest organ in our body, our skin. Ocean water is already 80% sodium, 8.5% magnesium and only a fraction calcium.

Ion-exchange resin water softeners, that is most water softeners, also remove all beneficial minerals in the water and add a great deal of sodium or potassium. They put out waste water that is incompatible with septic tanks because if you kill the bacteria, septic systems don’t do their job. For this reason many states have banned the use of water softeners for homes with septic systems.


From hereon in I will call it ionization. Ionization is a process which uses electricity to electrocute the water. This can only happen because of the mineral content that is in the water. A person can not ionize distilled water as distilled water can not conduct electricity. Throw in a little salt and a little calcium and potassium and the water will sizzle and fry. Most people do not realize, but any water ionizer is in essence a hydrogen fuel cell. The electricity is poured to the metallic plates and because of the mineral content that is in the water, meaning the minerals are attached to the water molecules and clusters, the current goes through the solution tarring apart the most natural and essential relationship on the planet H2O. Water by itself does not have a ionic charge. Once you add minerals, which have a bi-polar ionic charge, the water is able to be ionized.

So here we have the most balanced, natural, and harmonious relationship in the world of one Oxygen and two Hydrogen’s being ripped apart from a man made outside force called electricity. The end result is that you have a mixture of frazzled H2O’s and OH-‘s and a free floating H’s. This is how the pH is increased.

Excerpted from Ultimate Destiny Network

Structured Water webinar invitation

Structured water unit pure water systems create naturally occurring crystalline structures in ordinary tap water by vortexing or spinning the water in opposite directions simutaneously. Health benefits include; better hydration, neutralizing toxins in water, detoxing the body, reducing pain, stress levels and increasing general energy levels.

Effect of Structured Water on Strawberries

Scientist confirms incredible effect of structured water on a commercial strawberry field with poor soil. Structured water is the purest form of water, an essential part of life.  The water supply we currently have access to has been molecularly modified due to environmental and industrial changes that have taken place over the last century.  Except in nature, water just doesn’t contain the same hydration and healing properties that it used to. Structured water reverses this molecular change and returns the water to its original natural state.

Watch this Incredible Proof


hydration and your emotions

Dehydration Negatively Affects Your Emotions

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Structured water is free of toxic effects and is more dense and hydrating than our current water supply since it hydrates at the cellular level. Why isn’t your water hydrating you? Because it can’t penetrate your cell walls. Cell walls have surface tension. It forms a type of film which makes it more difficult for an object, in this case water, to move through the surface. To hamper the hydration process further, ordinary water doesn’t have the force to penetrate your cell walls. This force is measured in dynes. Water needs to be less than 46 dynes to penetrate your cell walls. Distilled and tap water is 72 dynes. Structured water has been measured at 38 – 43 dynes.  To better understand dynes let’s use alcohol as an example. Alcohol has 28 dynes, making it easily absorbed. That’s why you see such immediate effects in your mood and behavior with alcohol consumption.

People rarely make the connection between hydration and their emotions but the correlation definitely exists.  Your brain is mostly made of water, so it makes sense that it doesn’t function properly when the water you drink hasn’t been properly absorbed.

Researchers at Tufts University confirmed that dehydration adversely affects cognitive performance and mood and these adverse effects can be realized with as little as 1% dehydration, according to the Archive for Environmental Health.

The most common complaints are irritability, panic attacks, fatigue, headaches and low levels of concentration.

When you are able to truly hydrate your body, you won’t believe the difference you see in your skin, hair, nails, physical well-being, thoughts and your emotions.